Monday, January 23, 2012

Columbus Charolais

I've been struggling with my painting for almost a year now. The last few months I have been working a little more trying to get my confidence back. This posting is of a painting that I thought was finished until I opened the photo this morning. The photo shows so many things that are wrong .. not all that I know how to fix... (or am I just too lazy?) Anyway, I am fortunate enough to have had a work shop with Rusty Jones and he encouraged us to send him paintings for him to critique. That, I have done and I am now waiting to hear back from him.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Victory Alpaca Ranch

This painting of the Victory Alpaca Ranch in Moire, New Mexico is one that I have been working on for months. It is a peaceful setting and I do believe I have conveyed that in the painting. I would consider it finished, but of course, I see things that aren't just right, but I am not really sure how to correct them. I'm open to suggestions. All that being said, I am happy with it.... but not enough to enter it in any juried exhibits.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


This is an 8 x 6 Ray Mar canvas panel. It was my entry back into getting paint on a canvas. It is naive, but I did it! And I did it in about 1hour.

My husband had worked into the morning so he was going to be sleeping most of this particular Saturday. I received and email with an attachment of a beautiful painting. I knew that I had to get back to painting, so I through on some clothes and with no makeup ... I ran down to the studio and just started laying paint on the canvas. I felt so GOOD!

I purposely had not posted it at the time I painted it because I didn't feel it worthy of the space on the internet, but since I have set my goals and put them out there for everyone to see, I decided the painting need to be posted.

A New Year

The New Year has begun and I am slowly working on making it a great year. One of the things I am hoping for is that I get back to painting and make great improvements on my skill as an artist.

I took a Plein Air workshop with Rusty Jones this past November. It was fabulous and I felt like I learned a lot. Now I must put it all into practice. He is a great inspiration.

Another inspiration was the goals of Daily Paintworks artist Jacki Newell. I edited her list to fit my goals. Hopefully, by putting them out there, I will reach them.

Goals for 2012

1. Paint a small daily painting days a week, at least.

2. Paint 1 or more large paintings a month.

3. Plein Air paint every Friday.

4. Write in my blog a least 4 evenings a week.

5. Spend time editing photos for future paintings in the evenings.

6. Attend a workshop of a painter that I admire

7. Participate in plein air competions this year

8. Paint with other new artists more often.

9. Keep the clutter out of my workspace and out of my mind.

10. Go to new locations to take reference photos and/or paint Plein Air

11. Paint on DFW Streets