Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Via di San Vito, Florence, Italy - Google Street View

Do to the painter's block I skipped the "Paris" Virtual Paintout assigned in May, so I was anxious to do this month's Florence Google Streets for the June Virtual Paintout. This landscape painting of a field of olive trees was a good exercise for me.

I love my little vacations while on Google Streets. I could plan a trip like no other. I have become addicted to Google Street Views. My husband will walk in while I am on the computer and automatically asks, "And ... where are we now?" This weekend... I discovered the countryside of the South of France. OMG.... I have never been... but am so ready to go more than I have ever been.

Texas Longhorn - Black and White

I have been in a serious painter's block the last month or so. I am feeling better, but am still looking for exercises to strengthen my creativity. Hopefully, the worse is over. This 8 x 8 oil painting is an exercise I did to try to break out of the block. It did help.

This Black and White Texas Longhorn is painted from a photo from a trip I took this spring to with my favorite painting buddies in and around Columbus, Texas. This was an unusual Longhorn in that he allowed me to take his picture. It seemed the Longhorns in the part of central Texas are very shy and really don't like to have their pictures taken.