Monday, March 15, 2010

Mooo ments

This might have been one of those paintings that was a little easier. After all... you would have thought there was a lighting director...(there wasn't) and you might have thought the cows had a wrangler.... (there wasn't). This photo reference was from an outing with my artist buddies last year. We all met in Columbus, TX.. and three of us took off for the morning. We found these wonderful cows. The sun was in the perfect position... and the cows were as curious about us as we were about them. GREAT models. All three of us have benefitted greatly using these photos as reference for some fabulous paintings.

For me.. I AM very proud of this painting. After all... when my husband sees a painting at the studio and wants me to bring it home.. I know it is a good painting.

9x12 oil on canvas - $100.00 (unframed)

This painting can be viewed at The Wine Therapist until June 11. The Wine Therapist is located on Skillman @ Live Oak.